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Audio-Visual Equipment

AARCO PRODUCTS, INC., Yaphank, NY, Tel: 631-924-5461, Fax: 631-924-5843, email
Since 1975 Aarco Products Inc. has manufactured a full range of Visual Communication Products. Our products are manufactured of the best and most durable components, yet are moderately priced.

ABC School Equipment, Inc., Corona, CA, Tel: 951-817-2200, Fax: 951-817-9900, email
A full service school equipment company dedicated to superior specialty and institutional products.

Accuride, Santa Fe Springs, CA, Tel: (888) 459-8624, Fax: (562) 903-0208, email

Advanced Equipment Corp., Fullerton, CA, Tel: (714) 635-5350, Fax: (714) 525-6083, email

Alliance America, Subsidiary Of Polyvision, Norcross, GA, Tel: (404) 447-5043, Fax: (404) 447-5951, email

Amplivox Sound Systems, Northbrook, IL, Tel: 847-498-9000, Fax: 847-498-6691, email
We design, engineer and manufacture our public address systems for a superior performance and reliability.

Atlas Sound, Ennis, TX, Tel: 800-876-3333, Fax: 800-765-3435, email
Speakers, Horns, Grilles & Back Boxes, Amplifiers, Sound Making, Speech Privacy.

Automatic Devices Company, Allentown, PA, Tel: 610-797-6000, Fax: 610-797-4088, email
Stage curtain tracks, stage curtain machine operators, stage curtain lift systems, and controls.

Auton Motorized Systems, Valencia, CA, Tel: (661) 257-9282, Fax: (661) 295-5638, email

Best-Rite Mfg., Temple, TX, Tel: 254-778-4727, Fax: 800-697-6258, email
The Butterfly Chair gives you total control over your seating experience at a price point no one can beat.

BTX Technologies Inc., Hawthorne, NY, Tel: 914-592-1800, Fax: 800-569-4244, email
Manufacturer of Conductors and Cables, Building Wire and Cable, Wiring Devices, Floor, Table and Wall Boxes, Power, audio, video, telecommunications and data devices, Switches and Circuit Breakers.

Carstens, Chicago, IL, Tel: 800-782-1524, Fax: 708-669-1559, email
Ringbinder charts and accessories, identification cards and labels, charting paper, pre-printed and custom dividers, mobile chart storage, mobile computer carts and more.

Claridge Products & Equipment, Inc., Harrison, AR, Tel: (870) 743-2200, Fax: (870) 743-1908, email

Da-lite Screen Co., Inc., Warsaw, IN, Tel: (219) 267-8101, Fax: (219) 267-7804, email
Da-Lite offers the world's widest selection of electric screens for the ultimate in convenience and professional presentations. Whether you choose concealed-in-the-ceiling, wall, ceiling hung, or ascending floor model, you'll find Da-Lite's electric screens meet the demanding needs of business meeting rooms

Draper, Inc., Spiceland, IN, Tel: (800) 238-7999, Fax: (800) 323-0522, email
Manually and electrically operated window coverings for the commercial market , School window shades , Projection screens of all types for the audio-visual, and video, and home theatre markets

Electronic Theatre Controls, Middleton, WI, Tel: 608-831-4116, Fax: 608-836-1736, email
ETC is the global leader in the design and manufacture of lighting products and the creation of lighting solutions.

Evolve Furniture, Marlton, NJ, Tel: 856-552-4000, Fax: 856-552-4001, email
Excellent performance. Stackable panels. Plug and play connectivity at the worksurface. Proven wire management. Ergonomic work surfaces. A host of shapes and sizes. Practical and cost-effective storage options.

Gala Systems, St-Hubert, QC, Tel: 450-678-7226, Fax: 450-678-4060, email
A stage equipment company. We specialize in orchestra lifts, theatre stage lifts, scenery lifts and piano lifts for theatres, auditoriums, concert halls, casinos and multipurpose venues.

Haworth Inc., Holland, MI, Tel: 616-393-3000, Fax: 616-393-1570, email
From architectural elements to freestanding furniture, our design teams honor discrete levels of integration throughout our product development process.

J. R. Clancy Inc. , Syracuse, NY, Tel: 315-451-3440, Fax: 315-451-1766, email
At J.R. Clancy, we've partnered on rigging systems. So whether a grand opera house or a high school, you can trust us to give you the theatre equipment that meets your unique needs.

Kelmar Systems, Huntington, NY, Tel: 631-421-1230, Fax: 631-421-1274, email
Understanding of--and sensitivity to--the needs of the motion-picture exhibition industry.

Lucasey Mfg. Corporation, Oakland, CA, Tel: (510) 534-1435, Fax: (510) 534-6828, email
Lucasey's customers benefit from more experience, unmatched versatility, and selection. We guarantee quality. Our engineering team is constantly creating new and innovative products and is ready to assist you with your special projects

Macton Corporation, Oxford, CT, Tel: (203) 267-1500, Fax: 301-829-6227, email
The luxuriously smooth rotation of a Macton revolving restaurant provides a pleasurable experience without distracting mechanical accelerations or vibration. Operation is demonstrated at twice the normal suggested operating speed, and four times faster than mechanically limited competitive turntables.

Peerless Industries, Inc., Melrose Park, IL, Tel: (800) 865-2112, Fax: (708) 865-0760, email
Peerless Industries, Inc. is your source for TV Mounts, TV Wall Mounts, TV Ceiling Mounts, TV Stands and TV Furniture, Plasma Screen TV Mounts, Camera Mounts and Speaker Mounts

Peter Albrecht Co., Inc., Greendale, WI, Tel: 414-421-6630, Fax: 414-421-9091, email
Manufactured and installed most types of stage equipment, particularly motorized hoists, rigging systems and tension wire grids.

Pittsburgh Stage Inc., Sewickley, PA, Tel: 412-534-4500, Fax: 412-534-4505, email
70+ years of experience in design, fabrication and installation of theatrical equipment.

Rosco Laboratories, Inc., Stamford, CT, Tel: 203-708-8900, Fax: 203-708-8919, email
Color Filters, Lighting Equipment, Gobos & Projections, Film, TV & Still Photo Products.

Silent Gliss Usa, Inc., Loganville, GA, Tel: (770) 466-4811, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Stacking Systems, Camarillo, CA, Tel: 805-987-0412, Fax: 805-987-1829, email

Stagecraft Industries, Inc., Portland, OR, Tel: 503-286-1600, Fax: 503-286-3345, email
Stagecraft is a manufacturer and installer of equipment for performing arts centers, arenas, school theaters, TV studios, churches and museums.

Stageright Corp., Clare, MI, Tel: 989-386-7393, Fax: 989-386-3500, email
Solutions and products, from Professional Arenas and Stadiums to Theater.

Staging Concepts, Brooklyn Park, MN, Tel: 763-533-2094, Fax: 763-533-2096, email
In addition to our portable staging products, we also have a custom ornamental rail division, Railing Concepts, that engineers, manufactures and installs rails to all your design concepts.

Theatrix, Denver, CO, Tel: 303-922-0505, Fax: 303-922-3526, email

Thern Stage Equipment, Winona, MN, Tel: 800-553-2204, Fax: 507-454-5282, email
Thern Stage Equipment offers a complete line of lifting hoists, blocks, rigging systems, customized rigging equipment and Hall Stage curtain track.

Vortek, Victor, NY, Tel: 585-924-5000, Fax: 585-924-0545, email
Designed and manufactured total engineered solution for modern day rigging practices. The system can be sold as a complete, engineered and certified Vortek hoist.

Windel International, St. Charles, IL, Tel: (630) 876-1830, Fax: (630) 876-1884, email
Windel International offers some of the finest audio-visual furnishings available. Our products can be found in training facilities and universities throughout the world. Contact us for more information and a complete product binder

ADP Lemco, Inc., Jordan, UT, (801) 280-4000

Walltalkers, Cary, IL, (800) 820-9255



























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