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Afgd Inc., Atlanta, GA, Tel: (800) 766-2343, Fax: (770) 951-9100, email
Flat glass products and AFGD services for commercial and residential applications

Amerope Enterprises, Inc., Boynton Beach, FL, Tel: (561) 737-7370, Fax: (561) 737-3721, email

Andersen Corp., Bayport, MN, Tel: (800) 426-7691, Fax: (651) 430-5279, email

Anemostat Door Products, Carson, CA, Tel: (310) 835-7500, Fax: (310) 835-0448, email
Anemostat is the world‚ ¨!"s largest manufacturer of metal vision panels and door louvres.

Arch Aluminum & Glass Co., Inc., Tamarac, FL, Tel: (954) 724-1775, Fax: (854) 724-9293, email

Chicago Bullet Proof Systems, Forest, IL, Tel: (708) 481-3400, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

CP films Inc., Martinsville, VA, Tel: (540) 627-3000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Florian Solar Products, L.L.C., Georgetown, SC , Tel: 800.356.7426, Fax: 843.520.4605, email
Florian Solar Products has been one of the leading companies in solarium and greenhouse design and manufacturing.

Gaffco, Mount Vernon, NY, Tel: 914-663-9266, Fax: 914-663-9270, email
Gaffco, Inc. has been protecting companies, private citizens, and government personnel through the design, manufacture and installation of safe rooms, bullet-resistant systems and related products and services.

GLASSLAM, N.G.I., INC., Pompano Beach, FL, Tel: (954) 975-3233, Fax: (954) 975-3225, email
Glasslam is a system like no other, utilizing a polyester polymer system world renowned as the most advanced method for laminating glass of all types.

Globe-amerada Glass Co., Elk Grove Village, IL, Tel: (708) 364-2900, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Gordon Huether, Napa, CA, Tel: 707-255-5954 , Fax: 707-255-5991, email
Gordon Huether Studio creates large-scale, site-specific art installations that are integrated into architecture and landscape for projects throughout the world.

Greenlite Glass Systems Inc., Port Coquitlam, BC, Tel: 778-285-8530 , Fax: 778-285-8520 , email
We are specialists in glass and glazing systems for interior and exterior architectural glazing applications.

Guardian Industries, Carleton, MI, Tel: (734) 654-6264, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Innovative Structural Glass, Inc., Three Rivers, CA, Tel: (559) 288-8700, Fax: (559) 561-7007, email
Glass Fin Structures, Canopies and Skylights, Cladding Structures, Glass Flooring, Custom Fittings, Tension Structures, Entrances & Storefronts, Perimeter Metal,

Insulgard Corp., Brighton, MI, Tel: 810-844-0776, Fax: 810-844-0920, email
Leader in delivering threat and security solutions for the financial industry. We serve clients ranging from the largest names in banking to the local credit union with the same attention to service and detail.

Interpane Glass Company, Clinton, NC, Tel: (910) 592-7101, Fax: (910) 592-7266, email

JL Industries Inc., Bloomington, MN, Tel: 952-835-6850, Fax: 952-835-6850, email
JL provides products for commercial construction including fire extinguisher cabinets, AED cabinets, access panels, roof hatches, smoke vents, and floor doors.

Madico, Inc., Woburn, MA, Tel: (781) 935-7850, Fax: (781) 935-6841, email

Meroform/Mero Structures, Inc., Germantown, WI, Tel: (414) 255-5561, Fax: (414) 255-6932, email
Our Mission To achieve the highest level of excellence in providing quality systemic solutions to the diverse needs of our clients in the construction, exhibit, retail, and design markets.

MSC Specialty Films Inc., Clearwater, FL, Tel: (727) 540-9797, Fax: (727) 540-0132, email

Norshield, Montgomery, AL, Tel: (800) 633-1968, Fax: (334) 288-5485, email

North American Glass, Bensenville, IL, Tel: (708) 595-3750, Fax: (708) 595-3782, email

O'Keeffe's, Inc. , San Francisco, CA, Tel: 415-822-4222, Fax: 415-822-5222, email
OíKeeffeís Inc. has been developing and manufacturing superior architectural products for the building and design community for over 70 years. With thousands of projects worldwide, weíve built our reputation on innovation, quality and dependability.

Pilkington Lof, Toledo, OH, Tel: (419) 247-4926, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Radiation Protection Products, Inc., Wayzata, MN, Tel: (800) 328-3361, Fax: 866-554-8445, email

Safti, San Francisco, CA, Tel: (415) 822-4222, Fax: (415) 822-5222, email

Saftifirst , San Francisco, CA, Tel: 415-822-4222, Fax: 415-822-5222, email
SAFTI FIRST offers a complete line of solutions for your fire rated glass application.

Solutia, Inc., St. Louis, MO, Tel: (314) 674-1000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Southwall Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, CA, Tel: (650) 962-9111, Fax: (650) 967-0182, email

Standard Bent Glass Co Inc, Butler, PA, Tel: (800) 634-9252, Fax: (724) 283-9836, email
Our unique soft mold process for glass manufacturing remains both an art and a science. To our customers, this means consistent excellence and a final product with virtually no distortion, strict tolerances, and quality unmatched in the industry

Stiles Custom Metal, Ceres, CA, Tel: 209-538-3667, Fax: 209-538-2776, email
Stiles steel doors, windows, and storefront systems have been recognized as the benchmark for design versatility and high performance for over 30 years.

Sumiglass, Columbus, OH, Tel: (614) 351-1944, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Technical Glass Products, Snoqualmie, WA, Tel: 425-396-8200, Fax: 800-451-9857, email
FireLite Fire-Rated Glass Ceramic, Fire-Rated, Wired Glass, Fire-Rated, Safety-Rated Glass etc.

Technical Glass Products, Snoqualmie, WA, Tel: 425-396-8200, Fax: 800-451-9857, email
FireLite Fire-Rated Glass Ceramic, Fire-Rated, Wired Glass, Fire-Rated, Safety-Rated Glass etc.

Unicel Architectural Corp., Longueuil, QU, Tel: 450-670-6844 , Fax: 450-670-7144, email
Advanced aluminum and glass solutions, specialty glazing, skylights, Solar Shading Systems and custom structures.

Viracon, Owatonna, MN, Tel: (507) 451-9555, Fax: (507) 444-3555, email
Viracon delivers design, aesthetic, budget and performance solutions for each of your projects. Glass solutions that meet your clients‚ ¨!" needs

Visteon, Allen Park, MI, Tel: (800) 521-6346, Fax: (313) 755-5986, email
Visteon, a primary glass manufacturer, produces VersaluxR (formerly SunglasR) colored and pyrolytic reflective glass for interior and exterior applications. Products include Versalux, Versalux RC, Versalux 2000, Versalux 2000R, Versalux 2000T.

W & W Glass Systems, Inc., Nanuet, NY, Tel: (914) 425-4000, Fax: (914) 425-4000, email
W&W Glass Systems, Inc., is the largest glass and glazing company in the New York area as well as the largest supplier and erector of structural glass systems throughout North America. specializes in new commercial and insitutional construction and major renovation work.

Ballistica, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, (800) 348-5943

Colorpro, Los Angeles, CA, (310) 202-6001

Marquez Glasseries, Inc., Jessup, MD, (800) 822-4299

Schott Corp., Yonkers, NY, (914) 968-8900




























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