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High Performance Coatings

A/D Fire Protection Systems, Inc., Scarborough, ON, Tel: (416) 292-2361, Fax: (416) 298-5887, email
A/D Fire Protection Systems' quality goal is to cost effectively manufacture passive fire protection materials that meet or exceed regulatory requirements and the expectations of our customers.

Abatron, Inc., Kenosha, WI, Tel: (262) 653-2000, (800) 445-1754, Fax: (262) 653-2019, email
Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings - Materials for Structural & Decorative Restoration - Materials for Composites, Electronics, Marine & Industrial Use - Compounds for Rigid and Elastomeric Molds.

Aggregate For Seamless Flooring, 3M, St. Paul, MN, Tel: (800) 447-2914, Fax: (651) 736-8474, email

Albi Manufacturing, East Berlin, CT, Tel: 860-828-0571, Fax: 860-828-3297, email
Albi Clad TF - Fireproofing for exposed interior structural steel: Thin film, lightweight, water-based intumescent fireproofing.

American Decorative Concrete, Lowell, AR, Tel: 479-725-0033 , Fax: 479-725-0031, email
AmeriPolish, Inc., a name that has become recognized worldwide for quality and dependability in professional concrete color, strengthening and maintenance systems.

Ameristar Fence Products, Tulsa, OK, Tel: 918-835-0898 , Fax: 877-926-3747, email
Ameristar provides specialty and affordable fence products

Anti-hydro International, Inc., Flemington, NJ, Tel: (800) 777-1773, Fax: (908) 284-9464, email
Anti-Hydro International will provide the solution to your waterproofing, floor hardening, and architectural treatment problems

Arch Aluminum & Glass Co., Inc., Tamarac, FL, Tel: (954) 724-1775, Fax: (854) 724-9293, email

Architect Sure Concrete Form Process, LLC, Portland, OR, Tel: 503-639-9000, Fax: 503-639-6969, email
Architectural Concrete Form Products, Mezzanine Decking Industrial Flooring, Marina & Boating Panels, Food Processing Panels, Static-Control Panels and Animal Confinement Panels.

Architectural Surfaces, Inc., Chaska, MN, Tel: 800-526-3138, Fax: 952-448-2613, email
ASI has been solving soundproofing, noise control, acoustical and vibration problems for over 25 years

Asbury Carbon, Asbury, NJ, Tel: (908) 537-2155, Fax: (908) 537-2908, email
products for use in wide range of industrial applications around the globe, including friction materials, lubricants, fuel cells, cast metals, drilling, paints, coatings, and backfill.

Ausimont Usa, Inc., Thorofare, NJ, Tel: (609) 853-8119, Fax: (609) 853-6405, email

BASF Building Systems, Shakopee, MN, Tel: 952-496-6000, Fax: 952-496-6062 , email
Our premier products provide joint sealant, waterproofing, grout, deck membranes, concrete repair, water repellent, industrial flooring, wall coating, tile and stone and flooring installation solutions for construction and renovation projects around the globe.

Belco Forest Products, Shelton, WA, Tel: 360-426-8900, Fax: 360-432-3634, email
Armor Coat, Shelton Specialties Premium Pattern Stock, Shelton Specialties ELITE Lumber, Shelton Specialties Log Cabin Siding, The Woodlands Series and Belco House.

C-Cure, Seal Beach, CA, Tel: (800) 895-2874, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Carboline, St. Louis, MO, Tel: 314-644-1000, Fax: 314-644-4617, email
Carboline has a wide range of coatings, linings, and fireproofing solutions.

Carboline, St. Louis, MO, Tel: 314-644-1000, Fax: 314-644-4617, email
Carboline has a wide range of coatings, linings, and fireproofing solutions.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc., Sapulpa, OK, Tel: (918) 227-4533, Fax: (918) 227-0603, email

Cathedral Stone Products, Inc., Jessup, MD, Tel: (800) 684-0901, Fax: (800) 684-0904, email

Celcore Incorporated, Middleburg Hts., OH, Tel: (440) 234-7888, Fax: (440) 234-1967, email

Chemprobe Technologies, Inc., Garland, TX, Tel: (800) 760-6776, Fax: (972) 271-5553, email

Chemrex Inc., Shakopee, MN, Tel: (612) 496-6028, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Connor Sports Flooring Corp., Arlington Heights, IL, Tel: 847-290-9020 , Fax: 847-290-9034, email
Connor Sports Flooring is the leader in wood gym flooring and synthetic sports flooring surfaces for a variety of applications.

Cresset Chemical Co., Weston, OH, Tel: (419) 669-2041, Fax: (419) 669-2200, email

Curecrete Distribution, Inc., Springville, UT, Tel: (800) 998-5664, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Custom Building Products, Seal Beach, CA, Tel: (800) 272-8786, Fax: 800-200-7765, email
For almost 50 years Custom has been the industry leader for professional-grade products, exceptional customer service, and dedicated quality management for any tile or stone installation.

Damtite Waterproofing, Inc., Monongahela, pa, Tel: 724-258-7175 , Fax: 724-258-3188, email
We have developed a wide variety of top quality products specifically designed to waterproof, seal, protect and repair concrete, masonry, brick and stucco surfaces.

Dayton Superior Corp., Miamisburg, OH, Tel: (513) 866-0711, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Dependable Chemical Co., Inc., Rocky River, OH, Tel: (440) 333-1123, Fax: (440) 333-0070, email

Dow Corning Corp., Midland, MI, Tel: (517) 496-4000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Dryvit Systems, Inc., Warwick, RI, Tel: (401) 822-4100, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Dur-a-flex, Inc., Hartford, CT, Tel: (800) 253-3539, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Ensurco/Duradek (canada) Ltd., Surrey, BC, Tel: 800-338-3568, Fax: 816-421-2924, email

Five Star Products, Inc., Fairfield, CT, Tel: 203-336-7900 , Fax: 203-336-7930, email
A worldwide provider of high performance, versatile, specified non-shrink cement and epoxy-based construction solutions for use in the industrial, infrastructure and marine markets.

Flamort Co., Inc., San Leandro, CA, Tel: 510-357-9494, Fax: 510-351-5427, email
our coatings help save lives and protect property, and have been tested by third party .

Fritz Industries, Inc., Dallas, TX, Tel: (972) 285-5471, Fax: (972) 270-0179, email

Gaco Western, Inc., Seattle, WA, Tel: (206) 575-0450, Fax: (206-575-0587, email

General Polymers Corp., Cincinnati, OH, Tel: (800) 543-7694, Fax: (513) 761-4496, email

Happy Landing, Copley, OH, Tel: 800-886-7435 , Fax: 330-670-1121, email

Hoover Treated Wood Products, Inc., Thomson, GA, Tel: (706) 595-5058, Fax: (706) 595-1326, email

IKG Industries Div., Paramus, NJ, Tel: (201) 261-5600, Fax: (201) 267-2762, email

Indital, USA, Houston,, TX, Tel: 713-694-6065, Fax: 713-728-7157, email
Product for Wrought Iron, Gonzato Design, Stainless, Galvanized, Powder Coat, Carved Stair Parts

Industrial Noise Control, N. Aurora, IL, Tel: 800-954-1998, Fax: 800-420-4928, email
Provides the most durable and high quality noise control materials, building blocks of successful noise control projects. We offer a complete selection of flexible noise control materials.

Integrity Refinishing Coatings, Dallas, TX, Tel: (800) 773-7336, Fax: (214) 631-0037, email

Koster American Corporation, Virginia Beach, VA, Tel: 757-425-1206, Fax: 757-425-9951, email
Manufactures resins and emulsions building products

L.M. Scofield Company, Los Angeles, CA, Tel: 323-720-3000 , Fax: 323-720-3030, email
The Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete System gives you the tools you need to restore and literally transform existing concrete floors into a truly sustainable part of your overall building plan.

L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc., Omaha, NE, Tel: (402) 453-6600, Fax: (402) 453-0244, email

Legacy Industrial, A Clean Seal LLC Co., Port Murray, NJ, Tel: 908-269-8300 , Fax: 908-636-2215, email
Legacy Industrial, A Clean Seal LLC Company, is the nation's foremost supplier of floor maintenance products; epoxy coatings, concrete repair kits, polishing supplies and decorative concrete products.

Mapei Corp., Garland, TX, Tel: (972) 271-9500, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Master Builders, Inc., Cleveland, OH, Tel: (216) 831-5500, Fax: (216) 831-3470, email

Matthews Paint, Pleasant Prarie, WI, Tel: (800) 323-6593, Fax: (262) 947-0444, email

Mer-Krete Systems, Anaheim, CA, Tel: 714-778-2266 , Fax: 714-774-2079, email
Mer-Ko is a leading manufacturer of high-quality elastomeric and cementitious waterproofing deck systems, waterproof membranes, decorative coatings and underlayments.

Metal Cladding Applied Decorative Finishes, Lockport, NY, Tel: 800-432-5513, Fax: 716-439-4010, email
Providing advanced coating applications to a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, medical, industrial, military, food processing, automotive..etc.

Metallic Coatings & Patina Finishes, Inc., San Diego, CA, Tel: (800) 882-7004, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Mid-Am Metal Forming, Inc. , Rogersville, MO, Tel: 417-753-2888, Fax: 417-753-2860, email
industry leader in full-service metal curving and finishing, From single parts or large production runs, we have the expertise and experience to meet even the toughest curving challenges.

Miracle Sealants Company, Irwindale, CA, Tel: (626) 814-8988, Fax: (626) 851-8932, email

Mortex Manufacturing Co Inc., Tucson, AZ, Tel: 520-887-2631 , Fax: 520-293-8884, email
Products for Concrete Toppings, Cantilever Forms, Vinyl Liner Forms, Application Products, Pool Cover Forms, Crack Control, Repair & Renovation, Water Drainage and Specialty Forms

Mule-Hide Products Co., Inc., Beliot, WI, Tel: (608) 365-3111, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

National Gypsum Co., Charlotte, NC, Tel: (704) 365-7300, Fax: (704) 365-7222, email

Nawkaw Corporation, Bogart, GA, Tel: 706-355-3217 , Fax: 706-355-9199, email
Restoration & architectural staining; formliners and form accessories.

Neogard, Dallas, TX, Tel: (214) 353-1689, Fax: (214) 357-7532, email

Neyra Industries Inc., Cincinnati, OH, Tel: (513) 733-1000, Fax: 513-733-3989, email
Neyra Industries, Inc. manufactures premium pavement maintenance and recreational surfacing products.

Okon, Inc., Lakewood, CO, Tel: (303) 232-3571, Fax: (303) 232-3573, email

Olympic Stains, Pittsburgh, PA, Tel: (412) 434-3131, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Pacific Plus International, Carrollton, TX, Tel: (800) 818-8668, Fax: (972) 991-6399, email

Pacific Polymers International, Inc., Garden Grove, CA, Tel: (714) 898-0025, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Pecora Corp., Harleysville, PA, Tel: (215) 723-6051, Fax: (215) 721-0286, email

Perma-Crete Resurfacing Products, Nashville, TN, Tel: (615) 331-9200, Fax: (615) 834-1335, email

PolySpec Corp., Houston, TX, Tel: 281-397-0033 , Fax: 281-397-6512, email
ITW PolySpec® THIOKOL®, a Houston-based manufacturer of polymer coatings, linings, flooring and sealants for construction and corrosion protection for the industrial, institutional, commercial and marine markets.

PPG - Coil & Extrusions Group, Springdale, PA, Tel: (800) 258-6398, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Pro Tect Associates, Inc., Northfield, IL, Tel: (800) 545-0826, Fax: (847) 446-8735, email

Professional Products Of Kansas, Wichita, KS, Tel: (800) 676-7346, Fax: (316) 522-9346, email

Prosoco, Inc., Kansas City, KS, Tel: (913) 281-2700, Fax: (913) 281-4385, email

Rainguard Products Company, Newport Beach, CA, Tel: (949) 675-2811, Fax: (949) 675-3450, email

Reef Industries, Inc., Houston, TX, Tel: (800) 231-6074, Fax: (713) 507-4295, email
Reef operates six divisions, Griffolyn ®, Permalon ®, Armorlon ®, TerraTape ®, Bannerguard ® and Roll-A-Sign ®. Each offers the finest products available. A state of the art manufacturing facility and two leading edge fabrication plants support world wide sales activities.

Robbins Sports Surfaces, Cincinnati, OH, Tel: (513) 871-8988, Fax: 513-871-7998, email
Recognized as the leader for indoor sport floors, Robbins provides safe, comfortable, high performance surfaces for the athletic elite. 19 out of 30 NBA teams and more than half of NCAA Division I schools compete on Robbins sport floors.

Sealmaster Industries, Inc., Sandusky, OH, Tel: 419-626-4375 , Fax: 419-626-5477, email
For decades, quality driven contractors have relied on SealMaster® for all of their sealcoat materials, pavement maintenance products and equipment needs.

Sherwin-williams Co., Stores Div., Cleveland, OH, Tel: (216) 566-2000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Silikal Resin Systems, Waterbury, CT, Tel: (800) 477-4545, Fax: (203) 754-8791, email

Soils Control Intl., Inc., Austin, TX, Tel: 254-526-5550 , Fax: 512-327-9724, email
Road Base Stabilization, Dust Pollution Control, Soil Erosion Control, , Soil Block Housing, Airfield Runway Construction, Pond / Lake Construction, Landfill Construction, Cold in-Place Recycling.

Southwest Recreational Industries, Inc., Leander, TX, Tel: (512) 259-0080, Fax: (512) 259-2851, email

Specco Industries, Inc., Lemont, IL, Tel: 630-257-5060 , Fax: 630-257-9006, email
Concrete - Masonry Production - Maintenance and Repair

Specialty Concrete Products, West Columbia, SC, Tel: 803-955-0707 , Fax: 803-955-0011, email

STO Concrete Restoration Div., Atlanta, GA, Tel: (404) 346-3666, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

STO Finish Systems Div., Atlanta, GA, Tel: (404) 346-3666, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Sundeck Products, Inc., Bell Gardens, CA, Tel: (877) 478-6335, Fax: (562) 927-4469, email

Surface Technology, Inc., Lancaster, PA, Tel: 717-569-3701 , Fax: 717-569-4948, email
We are a nationwide provider of complete, customized solutions for your most critical epoxy and polymer flooring, coating and lining systems challenges.

Symons, Elk Grove Village, IL, Tel: 847-298-3200 , Fax: 847-635-9287, email
Leading manufacturer of concrete forms and shoring. Max-A-Form, Sym-Ply and Steel-Ply forms

Tamms Industries, Kirkland, IL, Tel: (815) 522-3394, Fax: (815) 522-2323, email

Tennant, Minneapolis, MN, Tel: (800) 228-4943, Fax: (612) 513-1829, email

Textured Coatings Of America, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, Tel: (954) 581-0771, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Tremco Commercial Sealants, Beachwood, OH, Tel: 216-292-5000, Fax: 216-766-5543, email
A durable, one coat, low-odor deck coating solution is now a reality for light pedestrian traffic areas such as balconies, roof terraces and mechanical rooms.

United States Gypsum Co., Chicago, IL, Tel: (800) USG-4YOU, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Vexcon Chemicals, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, Tel: (888) 839-2661, Fax: (215) 332-9997, email

Vitricon, Inc., Commack, NY, Tel: 631-231-1300 , Fax: 631-231-1329, email

W.R. Bonsal Co., Charlotte, NC, Tel: (704) 525-1621, Fax: (704) 529-5261, email

W.R. Meadows, Inc., Hampshire, IL, Tel: (847) 683-4500, Fax: (847) 683-4544, email
Our products cover every facet of the construction industry  from protecting and sealing concrete, expansion joints, and concrete restoration, to blocking the ingress of moisture through the building envelope, we're there.

Wooster Products, Inc., Wooster, OH, Tel: (216) 264-2844, Fax: (216) 262-4151, email

Xypex Chemical Corp., Richmond, BC, Tel: 604-273-5265, Fax: 604-270-0451, email
Xypex Crystalline Technology has set an international standard of excellence in concrete waterproofing.

York Bridge Concepts, Tampa, FL, Tel: (813) 933-1304, Fax: (813) 933-6486, email
Leader in custom on-site construction of timberstructures. YBC, crafts timber bridges, (pedestrian, covered, vehicular, golf course,, maintenance), retaining walls, wetlands crossings, and boardwalks throughout, the United States

Advanced Polymer Technology Corp., Harmony, PA, (724) 452-1330

Asahi Glass Co., Inc., Charlotte, NC, (704) 357-3631

Delta Polymers Inc., North Bay Shore, NY, (516) 254-6240

Fortifiber Corp., Fernley, NV, (800) 773-4777

Green Building Technologies Co., Celebration, FL, 800-760-1945

Hallemite, Inc., Warwick, RI, (401) 941-0600

Harris Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, (904) 996-6228

Larsen Products Corp., Jessup, MD, (800) 633-6668

Lighthouse/Vip Products, Smyrna Beach, FL, (904) 423-7477

Martin Surfacing, Inc., Hunt Valley, MD, (800) 673-2402

Nelson Firestop Products, Tulsa, OK, (918) 627-553

Rainproof Systems, Inc., Commerce, CA, (323) 887-8761

Seal-krete, Inc., Auburndale, FL, (888) 535-7383

Solomon Grind-chem Service, Inc., Springfield, IL, (217) 522-3112



























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