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Interior luminaires

Actron Manufacturing, Cleveland, OH, Tel: (216) 898-9200, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Albeo Technologies, Boulder, CO, Tel: (720) 407-4960, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Alera Lighting Co., Greenville, SC, Tel: 864-678-1000 , Fax: 866-898-0131 , email
Alera Lighting is a leading manufacturer of architectural and specialty fluorescent luminaires for offices, schools, and institutional buildings.

Amerlux LLC, Fairfield, NJ, Tel: (973) 882-5010, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
Our broad array of optically superior, energy-efficient lighting solutions includes track lighting; recessed downlighting and multiples; pendants; linear fluorescents; and custom lighting systems.

Ardron-Mackie Ltd, Mississauga, ON, Tel: (905) 696-8016, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Bulb Direct Inc, Pittsford, NY, Tel: (585) 385-3540, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Canplas Industries Ltd., Barrie, ON, Tel: 705-726-3361, Fax: 705-726-8991, email
Awnings, Canopies, Exterior Sun Control Devices, Exterior Shutters, Exterior Shutters and Storm Panels, Composite Shutters and Accessories.

Capital Exhibits, Lorton, VA, Tel: (703) 339-9494, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Clearr Corporation, Minneapolis, MN, Tel: (763) 398-5400, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Climate Master Inc., Oklahoma City, OK, Tel: (405) 745-6000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Con-Tech Lighting, Northbrook, IL, Tel: (847) 559-5500, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Electronic Theatre Controls, Middleton, WI, Tel: 608-831-4116, Fax: 608-836-1736, email
ETC is the global leader in the design and manufacture of lighting products and the creation of lighting solutions.

Featherlite Trailers, Cresco, IA, Tel: (563) 547-2600, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Fixtures Plus, North Brentwood, MD, Tel: (301) 699-5520, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Four S Showcases, Brooklyn, NY, Tel: (718) 859-4900, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Gabriel Logan Manufacturing, Logan, OH, Tel: (740) 380-6809, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

GE Lighting, Cleveland, OH, Tel: (216) 266-2121, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Historical Arts & Casting, Inc., Jordan, UT, Tel: (801) 280-2400, Fax: (801) 280-2493, email
Historical Arts and Casting has been actively involved in the design, manufacturing and installation of ornamental metalwork in the United States and abroad.

Juno Lighting Group Inc, Des Plaines, IL, Tel: (847) 827-9880, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Lighting Services Inc, Stony Point, NY, Tel: (845) 942-2800, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Lochinvar Corporation, Lebanon, TN, Tel: (615) 889-8900, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Musco Lighting, Oskaloosa, IA, Tel: (641) 673-0491, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

New Creative Enterprises Inc, Milford, OH, Tel: (513) 248-1144, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Parts Express, Springboro, OH, Tel: (937) 743-3000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Progress Lighting Inc, Greenville, SC, Tel: (864) 678-1000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Rimrock Corporation, Columbus, OH, Tel: (614) 471-5926, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Ruud Lighting Inc., Racine, WI, Tel: 800-236-7000, Fax: 800-236-7500, email
Cree leads the industry in brightness and reliability for power LEDs with its XLamp LED family. Through XLamp LEDs, Cree is enabling the lighting industry with efficient, environmentally friendly LED light.

SANYO Commercial Solutions, Wood Dale, IL, Tel: (800) 858-8442, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Saxe-Patterson, Inc., Taos, NM, Tel: 505-758-9513 , Fax: 505-758-4336, email
Saxe-Patterson designs and produces fine ceramics for use in art and architecture.Our specialty is working with design professionals and clients to fulfill ideas for specific installations.

Sea Gull Lighting Products Llc, Riverside, NJ, Tel: (856) 764-0500, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Showcase Depot & Schadebo Showcases, Aurora, ON, Tel: (416) 657-4045, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Southern Store Fixtures Inc, Bessemer, AL, Tel: (205) 428-4800, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Spartan Showcase, Union, MO, Tel: 636-583-4050, Fax: 636-583-4067, email
Manufactures and sells showcases, kiosks, trophy cases, perimeter fixtures, refrigerated bakery and deli cases, pastry cases, candy cases, humidors, counters, wood fixtures and more.

Springfield Armory, Geneseo, IL, Tel: (309) 944-5631, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Sternberg Lighting, Roselle, IL, Tel: (847) 588-3400, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
Traditional and Architectural Lighting, Luminaires, Poles, Bollards, Site Amenities & Landscape Furnishings. Proud to be American Made and Employee Owned

Sturdy Store Displays, brooklyn, NY, Tel: (718) 389-9919, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Tech Lighting Llc, Skokie, IL, Tel: (847) 410-4400, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
We travel the globe visiting trade shows not just in our industry, but everywhere that design can be observed - from furniture to fashion. We partner with glass artisans throughout the world to create the highest quality blown glass.

Tele-Lite Inc, Rochester, NY, Tel: (585) 546-7143, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

The Store Decor Co., Rowlett, TX, Tel: 972-475-4404, Fax: 972-412-0702, email
We specialize in brand communication through high quality design, fabrication and reliable installation.

Times Square Lighting, Stony Point, NY, Tel: (845) 947-3034, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Tower Show Productions, Glen Ellyn, IL, Tel: (630) 469-4611, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Trans Tech, Erie, PA, Tel: 814-874-0090, Fax: 877-827-8291, email
Directional Systems is a signage supplier, providing quality signs to the banking, parking, hospital, education, airport and other commercial sectors.

Valley Industries, Grove City, OH, Tel: (614) 871-6465, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

WAC Lighting, Garden City, NY, Tel: (516) 515-5000, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Wellmade Products, Merced, CA, Tel: 209-723-9120, Fax: 209-723-9131, email
Manufacturer of quality Lighting, Wheelbarrows and Sheetmetal Products for over 40 years.

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, Elk Grove Vlg, IL, Tel: (847) 593-8888, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Wiemann Metalcraft, Tulsa, OK, Tel: 918-592-1700 , Fax: 918-592-2385, email
Wiemann Metalcraft serves an international market specializing in the design, fabrication, and installation of fine quality custom cast and wrought ornamental, architectural and decorative metalwork.

Zippo Manufacturing Co, Bradford, PA, Tel: (814) 368-2700, Fax: Members Listing Only, email



























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