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Paving Specialties

Access Products Inc., Buffalo, NY, Tel: 716-474-2462 , Fax: 877-679-4022, email
TripStop's flexible sidewalk joint creates safer sidewalks by eliminating trip hazards and reducing personal injuries and legal liability.

Acker-Stone Industries, Inc., Corona, CA, Tel: 951-674-0047 , Fax: 951-253-3162, email
We carry the largest variety of shapes and colors in both standard and permeable concrete pavers. Custom colors and designer textures are available in a variety of finishes including tumbled, shotblast, grind and hammer finishes.

Advanced Pavement Technology, Oswego, IL, Tel: 630-551-4200, Fax: 630-555-1234, email
Ecological, environmentally sound solutions using flexible, permeable paver systems. Specifically, our solutions feature cost-effective systems installed by a quality labor team using superior products and advanced construction methodology.

Advantage Tactile Systems, Buffalo, NY, Tel: 800-679-4022 , Fax: 800-679-4023, email
We provide Surface Applied Tactile Warning System, Cast In Place Tactile Warning System, Replaceable Cast In Place.

American Highway Technology, Kankakee, IL, Tel: 815-936-3300 , Fax: 815-936-3309, email
Dayton Superior is the leading North American provider of nonresidential concrete construction accessory, chemical, forming, & paving products. Dayton Superior has the widest product offering with over 17,000 standard items in stock and a nationwide network of over 2700 dealer distributor locations.

BASF Building Systems, Shakopee, MN, Tel: 952-496-6000, Fax: 952-496-6062 , email
Our premier products provide joint sealant, waterproofing, grout, deck membranes, concrete repair, water repellent, industrial flooring, wall coating, tile and stone and flooring installation solutions for construction and renovation projects around the globe.

Baxter Precast, Hamilton, OH, Tel: 513-860-3593 , Fax: 513-860-3893, email
Our experience in architectural precast ranges from any type or size components to the most complex and intricate form works for all architectural requirements.

Brickstop Corp., Toronto, ON, Tel: 416-739-0355, Fax: 416-739-9506, email
For the past 20 years, Brickstop has been the only company manufacturing quality plastic and aluminum paving restraint systems that effectively prevent the shifting and movement of pavers.

BuffaloStone, Inc., Buffalo, WY, Tel: 307-684-7418, Fax: 307-684-7428, email
Stone Planking™ puts a new and effective tool in the hands of designers, architects, dealers, home builders, and stone professionals everywhere.

Bylin Engineered Systems, El Dorado Hills, CA, Tel: 916-933-5666 , Fax: 916-933-5959, email
Reliable heating cable systems for roof ice dam and icicle prevention, automatic pavement snowmelting, radiant floor warming, pipe heat tracing for freeze protection and pipe process temperature maintenance and for cold storage frost heave maintenance.

Curv-Rite Aluminum Edging, Wayland, MI, Tel: 269-792-0044 , Fax: 269-792-8126, email
Curv-Rite aluminum landscape edging has been designed with both the landscape architect and installer in mind. Designed to be easy to install and to last a lifetime, Curv-Rite lawn edging is the perfect choice for your next landscape edging project.

Dalton Enterprises, Inc., Cheshire, CT, Tel: 203-272-3221 , Fax: 203-271-3396, email
As we say at Dalton, our consumer products go "from the runway to the driveway." By testing and applying our products on roads, highways, bridges and airports, we are able to thoroughly understand the complexities of pavements.

Danfoss Inc., Toronto, ON, Tel: 905-285-2050 , Fax: 905-285-2055 , email
Danfoss offers a one stop solution to electric floor heating, snow melting, pipe tracing, thermal storage, and roof and gutter needs. Electric floor heating and snow melting products for any solution or project.

DuPont Nylon, Wilmington, DE, Tel: (302) 774-6260, Fax: 302-892-1705, email
For more than 200 years, DuPont has brought world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace through innovative products, materials and services.

EasyHeat Inc., East Granby, CT, Tel: 860-653-1600 , Fax: 860-653-4938, email
EasyHeat is dedicated to keeping your surroundings safer, comfortable and more productive. Since 1951, the EasyHeat brand has delivered the broadest line of high performance products that efficiently and safely deliver heat in residential and commercial applications.

Enviroseal Corp., Port St. Lucie, FL, Tel: 772-335-8225, Fax: 772-335-3991, email
Enviroseal manufactures environmentally friendly polymers that enhance geotechnical and construction engineering characteristics and a line of high quality sealers.

Envirospec, Inc., Buffalo, NY, Tel: (716) 689-8548, Fax: (716) 689-7309, email
PAVE-EL can be used to help create usable space for people on roof decks, mechanical walkways, wood decks, promenades, fountains, and other areas.

Great Eastern Technologies, Yardville, NJ, Tel: 888-452-9348 , Fax: 609-581-0735 , email
High-quality admixtures for ready-mix concrete, precast, block, pavers and mortar. GET admixtures meet applicable ASTM tests and carry appropriate state DOT certifications.

Interlock Paving Systems Inc., Hampton, VA, Tel: 757-723-0774 , Fax: 757-723-8895, email
Manufacturer of Interlocking Concrete Pavers Since 1983

JMG Enterprises, Inc., Seward, PA, Tel: 814-446-5625 , Fax: 814-446-5627, email
JMG Enterprises Inc - Seward PA Manufacturer and distributor of JMG Emulsion Products which are utilized for dust control and soil stabilization. In addition, we also provide road recycling and road stabilization services.

L.M. Scofield Company, Los Angeles, CA, Tel: 323-720-3000 , Fax: 323-720-3030, email
The Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete System gives you the tools you need to restore and literally transform existing concrete floors into a truly sustainable part of your overall building plan.

Mason’s Supply Co, Portland, OR, Tel: (503) 234-4321, Fax: 503-234-5606, email
We offer the largest inventory of masonry, concrete and forming accessories in the Northwest. Concrete forming & accessories, Forming and shoring systems, Construction liquid and powder, Concrete & masonry tools for the trade, Castintact 3

Mortex Manufacturing Co Inc., Tucson, AZ, Tel: 520-887-2631 , Fax: 520-293-8884, email
Products for Concrete Toppings, Cantilever Forms, Vinyl Liner Forms, Application Products, Pool Cover Forms, Crack Control, Repair & Renovation, Water Drainage and Specialty Forms

Multiseal, Inc., Toronto, ON, Tel: 416 743 6017 , Fax: 416 743 6383, email
Multiseal is a specialty contractor and supplier of StreetPrint, Waterproofing, Asphalt Paving & Interlocking, Traffic Deck Systems Multiguard II, Restoration, Crack Sealing, Sealers and Composite Materials.

NuHeat Industries Limited, Richmond,, BC, Tel: 604-529-4400, Fax: 604-529-4404, email
Nuheat Floor Heating Systems provide soothing warmth to various types of flooring surfaces including tile, stone, granite, laminate and engineered wood.

Orbit Radiant Heating, Perkasie, PA, Tel: 215-453-9228 , Fax: 215-257-7399, email
TECH-Series Snow Melting cables and mats offer the ability to melt snow and ice on many different surfaces. TECH-Series outdoor products work well on Asphalt, concrete, pavers in sand, brick, flagstone and others.

Permaloc Aluminum Edging, Holland, MI, Tel: 616-399-9600 , Fax: 616-399-9770, email
Permaloc manufactures the most versatile, complete line of green roof edgings and restraints in the industry. We manufacture product for Landscape Edgings, Landscape Restraints, Green Build Products and Accessories

Poly-Carb, Inc., Solon, OH, Tel: 440-248-1223, Fax: 440-248-1513, email
Flexible but durable bridge deck overlay system, High-quality, long-life pavement markings, HFS and RPM adhesive solutions, Sealer, coating & adhesive solutions for concrete rehabilitation and protection, Long-term parking protection & safety to combat weather and heavy traffic.

Rhodes Architectural Stone, Seattle, WA, Tel: 206-709-3000 , Fax: 206-709-3003, email
Natural stone solutions provided by Rhodes Architectural Stone incorporate the finest granites, limestones, and sandstones available in the world.

Safe Guard Surfacing Corp., Hollbrook, NY, Tel: 631-360-9500 , Fax: 631-360-9575, email
Get to know our kid-friendly, eco-friendly and budget-friendly Safe Guard solutions. Let’s Play Rec is dedicated to providing the best safe playground surface solutions available through our fun, innovative and durable Safe Guard products.

Safe Guard Surfacing Corp., Hollbrook, NY, Tel: 631-360-9500 , Fax: 631-360-9575, email
Get to know our kid-friendly, eco-friendly and budget-friendly Safe Guard solutions. Let’s Play Rec is dedicated to providing the best safe playground surface solutions available through our fun, innovative and durable Safe Guard products.

Safepath Products by Van Duerr Industries, Chico, CA, Tel: 530-893-1596 , Fax: 530-893-1560, email
SafePath™ manufactures ramps, landings, seismic surface transitions, flooring reducers and other industrial and residential products and access code compliance. All products are made from either 100% recycled rubber or 100% recycled composite materials of the highest quality.

Sealmaster Industries, Inc., Sandusky, OH, Tel: 419-626-4375 , Fax: 419-626-5477, email
For decades, quality driven contractors have relied on SealMaster® for all of their sealcoat materials, pavement maintenance products and equipment needs.

Solid State Heating Inc., Old Saybrook,, CT, Tel: 860-399 5434 , Fax: 860-399 6460, email
SSHC goal is to produce and distribute the most efficient electric radiant heating systems available for ceilings, walls, floors and snowmelting applications plus a broad selection of controls appropriate for each system.

SunTouch Electric Floor Heating and Snow Melting Systems, Springfield, MO, Tel: 417-522-6128 , Fax: 417-831-4067, email
SunTouch® electric radiant heated floor mats are designed to warm stone and tile floors in bathrooms, kitchens, entries and sunrooms.

Sureloc Aluminum & Steel Edging, Holland, MI, Tel: 616-392-3209 , Fax: 616-392-5134, email
Sure-loc CrispEdge professional aluminum landscape edging is primarily used in residential and light commercial applications where greater flexibility is desired and offers years of proven performance.

Therma-Ray Inc., Fredericton, NB, Tel: 506-457-4600, Fax: 506-457-4699, email
Therma-Ray, the world's #1 name in Thermal Comfort Systems introduces you to the ultimate solution, Floor Warming, Radiant Ceilings, Earth Thermal Storage, Underfloor Heating System and Suspended (T-bar) Ceiling

Tile Tech Pavers, Los Angeles, CA, Tel: 213-380-5560 , Fax: 213-380-5561 , email
Manufacturer of Roof Pavers, Concrete Pavers, Architectural pavers, precast terrazzo tiles, detectable warning pavers & ADA truncated dome pavers.

Traffic Logix, Spring Valley, NY, Tel: 866-915-6449 , Fax: 866-995-6449 , email
Traffic Logix manufactures a full line of traffic calming products, all of which meet ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) safety specifications. We are the only company in North America that offers a complete toolbox of traffic calming devices and products.

Vanguard ADA Systems of America, Snohomish, WA, Tel: 360-668-5700, Fax: 425-212-2555, email
VANGUARD products are MORE non skid than the surface they’re installed on ! And, thanks to the glass beads integral in all VANGUARD non skid surfaces, they offer not only better skid resistance, they reflect light better under any lighting conditions.

Vermont Structural Slate Co., Inc., Fair Haven, VT, Tel: 802-265-4933 , Fax: 802-265-3865, email
Producing all types of architectural, flooring and roofing slate products. We complement our range of Vermont slates with select slates, quartzites, sandstones, limestones, marbles, granites and basalts from around the world. We specialize in custom projects and are committed to meeting the demands of architects.

W R Meadows Inc., Hampshire, IL, Tel: (847) 683-4500, Fax: (847) 683-4544, email
Our products cover every facet of the construction industry – from protecting and sealing concrete, expansion joints, and concrete restoration, to blocking the ingress of moisture through the building envelope, we're there.

Warm Floors, Napa, CA, Tel: 707-257-0880 , Fax: 707-257-0119, email
Warm Floors is highly computerized and efficient. All of our business concepts, such as JIT fabrication, obsolescence resistance, dynamic positioning, target marketing, leveraging, industry networking, and more, are aimed towards a highly competitive presence in the next century

Watts Radiant Inc., Springfield, MO, Tel: 417-522-6128 , Fax: 417-831-4067, email
Watts Radiant has been developing various radiant heating, floor warming, and snow melting products and applications, all geared towards delivering heat more efficiently and making life more comfortable.

Wausau Tile Co., Wausau, WI, Tel: 715-359-3121 , Fax: 715-355-4627, email
Products: Plastic site furnishings, Precast concrete , Metal site furnishings, Concrete planters, Concrete benches, Concrete bollards, Concrete and architectural pavers, Recreation equipment, Terrazzo floor tiles and Outdoor site furnishings.

Wegu Canada, Inc., Whitby,, ON, Tel: 905-668-2359, Fax: 905-668-2481, email

Zinsser Brands, Rust-Oleum Corporation, Vernon Hills, IL, Tel: 847-367-7700 , Fax: 847-816-2330, email
Rust-Oleum Corporation is a worldwide leader in protective paints and coatings for both home and industry. We offer a wide product range including decorative fashion paints, and, of course, the famous rust-fighting formula that started it all.



























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