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Pedestrian Control Devices

A & D Automatic Gate and Access, Redwood City, CA, Tel: 800-273-4283 , Fax: 650-365-8828, email
A&D is the largest access control company in Northern California specializing in automatic vehicle gates, access control systems and parking revenue systems.

Alvarado Mfg. Co., Inc., St. Chino, CA, Tel: (909) 591-8431, Fax: (909) 628-1403, email
For access control and counting applications, Alvarado's EDC and SLT waist high turnstiles set the standards for features, durability and ease of integration.

Avcon, Toms River, NJ, Tel: (732) 286-9496, Fax: (732) 286-0526, email
Where variety of design and color are paramount, AVCON® has established production using a unique European technology, previously not available in the United States.

Boon Edam Inc., Lillington, NC, Tel: (910) 814-3800, Fax: (910) 814-3899, email
Boon Edam has progressed purposefully; developing on the foundation of its inventiveness and know-how, to become one of the world's foremost trend setters in the field of entrance technology

Brass Smith, Inc., Denver, CO, Tel: (800) 662-9595, Fax: (303) 331-8444, email
Brass Smith introduces a revolutionary new design for an overhead food warmer with ZGuard styling

Checkpoint Systems, Inc., Thorofare, NJ, Tel: (609) 384-3102, Fax: (609) 384-1480, email
Established in 1969, Checkpoint today is the world's leading provider of radio frequency (RF) based loss prevention systems to the $1 trillion global retail industry. With a heritage of high-performance technology solutions

Controlled Access, Inc., Hinckley, OH, Tel: 330-273-6185 , Fax: 800-942-0828, email
leading manufacturer of access control and crowd control systems, providing full height security turnstiles, waist high turnstiles, optical turnstiles and matching ADA gates. If you need turnstiles, we have a turnstile for you.

Doorking, Inc., Inglewood, CA, Tel: 310-645-0023 , Fax: 310-641-1586, email
We offer more than just products - we offer solutions - complete with system design, technical support, and training. Access control solutions since 1948.

Elegant Aluminum Products, Inc., Fraser, MI, Tel: 586-293-1020 , Fax: 586-293-1070, email
Elegant is a full-service manufacturer, supplier, and installer of aluminum fence and gates, glass fence & gates, aluminum railing and glass railing.

Elite Access Systems, Lake Forest, CA, Tel: (949) 580-1700, Fax: (949) 580-2555, email
Elite Access Systems, Inc. was founded in 1982 as a manufacturer and designer for a variety of access control products. Elite quickly grew as one of the largest manufacturers of automatic gate and access control systems in the world.

Glaro Inc., Hauppauge, NY, Tel: 631-234-1717, Fax: 631-234-9510, email
Interior Artificial Plants, Furnishing Accessories, Tackboard and Visual Aid Boards, Ornamental Formed Metal.

Gyyr, Anaheim, CA, Tel: (714) 780-7811, Fax: (714) 780-7857, email
We manufacture Time-lapse video recorders, video motion detectors, video transmission systems, quads, multiplexers and text inserters

Hardware Specialties, Los Angeles, CA, Tel: (213) 749-5371, Fax: (213) 749-5375, email
Manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial Fixtures and Portables used for Food Service, Stores, Markets, Theme Parks, and Institutions. Sentry's product line are designed to fit your specific needs.

Legi/Outerspace Landscape Furnishings, La Jolla, CA, Tel: 858-459-6994 , Fax: 858-459-3622, email
Heavy-duty steel fences, gates, trellisses and structures are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication and polyester powdercoated for maximum durability.

Mosler Inc., Hamilton, OH, Tel: (800) 667-5371, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
Mosler secures solutions for the world's leading financial institutions, corporate networks, retail chains, campuses, airports, museums, hospitals, government facilities and industrial segments of all kinds.

PEREY TURNSTILES, INC., Bridgeport, CT, Tel: 203-333-9400, Fax: 203-333-9410, email
Perey was founded in 1913, providing security, crowd management, admissions and access control, loss control devices all over the world.

Philips CSS, Inc., Lancaster, PA, Tel: (717) 295-6123, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Robinson Iron Corp., Alexander City, AL, Tel: (205) 329-8486, Fax: (205) 329-8960, email
Strength and endurance are inherent in the use of cast metal. It is the art of patternmakers, engineers, architects, foundrymen and fabricators that transform iron, aluminum, bronze, copper and stainless steel into imaginative fountains or imposing architectural facades.

SAFETY TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, INC., Waterford, MI, Tel: (248) 673-9898, Fax: 248-673-1246, email
Safety Technology now markets more than 40 unique products throughout the world to prevent false fire alarms and the theft and vandalism of the things that protect us all such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Schlage Lock Co., San Francisco, CA, Tel: (415) 467-1100, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
When you have a Schlage lock on your door, you know your home is secure. After all, we're the leader in security products, trusted for over 85 years.

Securitech Group, Inc., Maspeth, NY, Tel: (718) 392-9000, Fax: (718) 392-8944, email
America's leading innovative manufacturer of high security door locks, electric control trim, automatic deadbolts, multi-point exit devices and multi-point locks.

Sentronic International, Brunswick, OH, Tel: (330) 225-3029, Fax: (330) 225-3009, email
Sentronic® International, Division of General Nucleonics, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of electronic and mechanical access control systems and has been serving a highly-specialized, technically-oriented market since 1961.

Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc., Brown Deer, WI, Tel: 262-814-7000 , Fax: 800-444-0331, email
TAPCO is one of the few vendors in Wisconsin able to provide turnkey solutions in the transportation market. We provide integrated solutions in the form of product delivery, trained technical turn on assistance and maintenance if it should be required.

Trans Tech, Erie, PA, Tel: 814-874-0090, Fax: 877-827-8291, email
Directional Systems is a signage supplier, providing quality signs to the banking, parking, hospital, education, airport and other commercial sectors.

Tymetal Corporation, Greenwich, NY, Tel: 518-692-9930, Fax: 518-692-9404, email
Tymetal manufactures the highest quality automatic gate systems. TIGER Security System, Industrial & Commercial, Gate Systems, Correctional Gate Systems, Hardened Gate Systems

Vanguard ADA Systems of America, Snohomish, WA, Tel: 360-668-5700, Fax: 425-212-2555, email
VANGUARD products are MORE non skid than the surface they’re installed on ! And, thanks to the glass beads integral in all VANGUARD non skid surfaces, they offer not only better skid resistance, they reflect light better under any lighting conditions.

Visiontron Corp, Hauppauge, NY, Tel: 800-585-7750, Fax: (516) 582-8980, email
Manufacturs of Hinge Signs , Counter Signs , Engraved Signs , Magnetic Signs , Decals & Vinyl Lettering , Banners

Von Duprin, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, Tel: (317) 897-9944, Fax: (800) 999-0328, email
Von Duprin manufactures the widest range of exit devices and outside trim operations, including rim-type and mortise lock, surface and concealed vertical rod, fire-rated and several electrical options

Automatic Control Systems Inc., Washington, NY, (516) 944-9498

Lawrence Metal Products, Inc., Bay Shore, NY, (516) 666-0300

Simplex, Gardner, MA, (508) 632-2500



























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