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Plastic Tile

Afco-USA, Gaithersburg, MD, Tel: (301) 987-0490, Fax: (301) 987-0422, email

Amvic Inc., Toronto, ON, Tel: 416-410-5674 , Fax: 416-759-7402, email
Cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) construction is a superior way to build; and no one makes better ICFs than Amvic.

Architectural Distributors, Inc., Grayslake, IL, Tel: 847-223-5800 , Fax: 847-223-5826, email
ADI has one of the most extensive architectural ornamentation offerings in the industry .

Avcon, Toms River, NJ, Tel: (732) 286-9496, Fax: (732) 286-0526, email

BarnettBates Corporation, Joliet,, IL, Tel: 815-726-5223, Fax: 815-726-9210, email
Expert fabrication to your specifications. Water/Wastewater treatment plant grating specialists.

Barrett Environmental, Mt. Vernon, NY, Tel: 914-669-6060 , Fax: 914-699-6061, email

Capitol Ornamental Concrete Specialties, South Amboy, NJ, Tel: 732-727-5460 , Fax: 732-727-8714, email
Our products are conceived to bring out the very best for your hardscape design with shapes, colors and textures that will enhance your creative options.

Chadsworth, Inc., Wilmington, NC, Tel: (910) 763-7600, Fax: (910) 763-3191, email

Crane Fencing Solutions, Wilmington, OH, Tel: 888-549-7350, Fax: 937-383-2022, email
We are a leading manufacturer and marketer of decking, door components and other maintenance-free building products.

Dec Architectural Composites, Irvine, CA, Tel: 949-502-3321 , Fax: 949-502-3319, email
DEC Architectural Composites is a market leader in custom fabrication of a full range of architectural composite materials including Fiber Reinforced Polymer

DLM Plastics Corp., Findlay, OH, Tel: 800-444-5877, Fax: 419-424-5250, email
Produce liners for ponds,hot tubs and spas, cisterns, secondary containment and baptismal fonts. We also manufacture clean rooms, medical isolators and water treatment baffle curtains.

Edon Corp., Horsham, PA, Tel: 800-523-2539, Fax: Members Listing Only, email
Fiberglass columns, column covers, cornice and domes are the main items in a long line of architectectural fiberglass products we manufacture at our Horsham, PA facility.

InPro Corporation, Muskego, WI, Tel: 262-679-9010 , Fax: 262-679-9127, email
Door & Wall Protection, Privacy Systems, Architectural Signage, Clinical Furnishings, Expansion Joint Systems, Washroom Systems and Commercial Surfaces

Julius Blum & Co., Inc., Carlstadt, NJ, Tel: (800) 526-6293, Fax: (201) 438-6003, email

KMDI, Kansas City, KS, Tel: (913) 281-4200, Fax: (913) 281-0208, email

Laboratory Design & Supply, Buford, GA, Tel: (888) 537-3100, Fax: (770) 932-1550, email

Melton Classics, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA, Tel: (800) 963-3060, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

Molded Fiber Glass Construction Products Co., Ashtabula, OH, Tel: 440-997-5851 , Fax: 440-994-5162, email
Molded Fiber Glass Companies is a leader in the field of reinforced plastics and composites, serving diverse markets with a variety of composite material systems.

Moultrie Manufacturing Company, Moultrie, GA, Tel: 229-985-1312 , Fax: 229-890-7245, email
Moultrie Manufacturing Company is a major supplier of aluminum products to the building materials and construction industries.

Nudo Products, Springfield, IL, Tel: (217) 528-5636, Fax: (217) 528-8722, email
Decorative panels provide the versatility and flexibility to meet any space requirement.

Pacific Columns Inc., Brea, CA, Tel: 714-257-9600, Fax: 714-257-9628, email
Millwork, Wood Ornaments, Architectural Wood Columns, Simulated Wood Ornaments, Architectural Polymer Composite Columns, Polyurethane Balustrades, Porch, Posts and Railings, Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic and Exterior Shutters.

Pawling Standard Products Division, Wassaic, NY, Tel: (800) 431-3456, Fax: (800) 451-2200, email

Photolab Fabrications, Central Islip, NY, Tel: (516) 582-6150, Fax: (516) 582-6697, email

Plasti-Fab, Calgary, AB, Tel: 403-569-4300 , Fax: 403-569-4075, email
eader in the EPS industry in North America for providing specialist technical expertise to assist new and existing customers in making the right choice of products for their application.

Plumberex Specialty Products, Palm Springs, CA, Tel: (760) 343-7363, Fax: (760) 343-7366, email

Railing Dynamics, Inc., Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Tel: 877-420-7245, Fax: 866-277-5160, email
The Endurance Railing family is our national best seller, thanks to sound engineering that enables easy and safe installations.

Somerset Door & Column Co., Somerset, PA, Tel: (814) 445-9608, Fax: Members Listing Only, email

SPI Industries Inc., Shallow Lake, ON, Tel: 519-935-2211 , Fax: 519-935-2174 , email
SPI Industries Inc. is a leader in the development and manufacturing of rotationally molded polyethylene products.

Swan Corp., St. Louis, MO, Tel: 314-231-8148, Fax: 314-231-8165, email
Leader in the kitchen and bath industry.

Tamlyn & Sons, LP, Stafford, TX, Tel: 281-499-9604, Fax: 281-499-8948, email
We manufacture Xtreme Trim™ for fiber cement, roofing products and structural metal products for stronger homes and buildings that will hold together under high wind and seismic forces.

Tek-Rail, Fayetteville, GA, Tel: (770) 461-3912, Fax: (770) 460-1559, email

TG Construction, Inc., Tucson, AZ, Tel: (520) 206-9215, Fax: (520) 206-9216, email

ThemeWorks, Inc., High Springs, FL, Tel: 386-454-7500 , Fax: 386-454-3560, email

Tiger Mountain Innovations, Seattle, WA, Tel: 206-763-0905 , Fax: 206-763-0905 , email
A Fibrous-cement material comprised of recycled paper, recycled glass, and low-carbon cement. Material is hand-cast into “slabs” as an alternative to natural or quarried stone. Resembles soapstone or limestones.

TOGGLER Anchor System, Norwalk,, CT, Tel: 203-857-2200, Fax: 203-857-2201, email
Our high-strength, multi-functional TOGGLER® High-Performance Anchors™ provide fast, easy, and secure fastening in almost all applications and substrates—from light- to heavy-duty.

Torzo Surfaces, Woodburn, OR, Tel: 800-770-7523 , Fax: 503-981-7534, email
Introducing a unique and stunning line of interior surfacing materials

Town & Country Plastics Inc., Morganville, NJ, Tel: 732-566-3800, Fax: 732-583-9045, email
Neutralization/Dilution Equipment or Systems, Interceptors, Separators, Filters, Above and Below Ground Storage Tanks and Sumps, Floor, Roof and Trench Drains, Pipe, Valves and Fitting Products.

Trespa North America, Ltd., Morristown, NJ, Tel: (973) 898-1122, Fax: (973) 894-0102, email

Turncraft, White City, OR, Tel: 541-826-2911 , Fax: 541-826-1393, email
Our thoughtful design, exceptional materials, fine workmanship, superior assembly and extensive selection.

UltraGuard, Akron, OH, Tel: 800-457-4342, Fax: 330-922-2328, email
maintenance-free solution to all of your customer's fencing needs. Advanced vinyl technology and powder-coated aluminum keeps UltraGuard Systems weathering the years beautifully in a full range of attractive color choices.

Vista F.R.P. Products Ltd., Ajax, ON, Tel: (800) 408-9613, Fax: (905) 428-3001, email

Cross Industries, Inc., Norcross, GA, (770) 300-0002

Kivett's, Clinton, NC, (919) 592-0161

Sequentia Incorporated, Strongsville, OH, (216) 238-2400

Tepromark International, Inc., Valley Stream, NY, (516) 569-4533



























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