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Pre-Engineered Structures

Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc., Orange, CA, Tel: 888-836-7850, Fax: 888-836-7850, email
Modular Offices, Guardhouses & Exterior Buildings, Machine Enclosures, Cleanrooms & Environmental Enclosures, Partitions & Walls, Pressboxes..etc

Amdega & Machin Conservatories, Front Royal, VA, Tel: 203-335-4100, Fax: 203-335-4119, email
Manufacturer and fitter of glazed structures. Stunning bespoke timber conservatories and orangeries.

American Technocrete, LLC, Sherman Oaks, CA, Tel: 818-769-8351, Fax: 818-769-8351, email
Concrete fencing and precast concrete molds is the foundation on which American Technocrete was established in 1982.

Aquatic Development Group, Inc., Cohoes, NY, Tel: 518-783-0038, Fax: 518-783-0474, email
ADG products and services have been used on over 4,000 public, scholastic, collegiate, therapeutic and leisure aquatic facilities worldwide.

B.C. Greenhouse Builders Ltd., Surrey, BC, Tel: 604-882-8408, Fax: 604-882-8491, email
Aluminum framed greenhouses and garden rooms built for strength and durability.

B.I.G. Enterprises, South El Monte, CA, Tel: 626-448-1449, Fax: 626-448-3598, email
For over twenty five years, B.I.G. has manufactured ready to use fully finished and wired booths in standard styles and multiple variations.

Brock Mfg., Milford, IN, Tel: 574-658-4191, Fax: 574-656-4133, email
Leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of agricultural systems and solutions.

Carolina Solar Structures, Arden, NC, Tel: 828-684-9900, Fax: 828-684-9977, email
Manufacturing and installing custom swimming pool enclosures, sunrooms, spa enclosures, skylights, greenhouses, and carwashes.

CCSI International, Inc., Garden Prairie, IL, Tel: 815-544-8385, Fax: 815-544-4353, email
Manufactured and distributed world class swimming pool enclosures and open roof systems to residential and commercial customers.

Colebook Conservatories, Winsted, CT, Tel: 860-379-7529, Fax: 860-738-0429, email
Colebrook Conservatories, designs, builds and installs fine conservatories, glass enclosures, period glass structures, roof lanterns, and horticultural greenhouses.

Comark Building Systems, Inc., DeSoto, TX, Tel: 972-230-6390, Fax: 972-230-0957, email
Building Modules, Pre-Engineered Structures, Prefabricated Building Modules, Fabric Structures and Modular Mezzanines.

Continental Bridge, Alexandria, MN, Tel: 320-852-7500 , Fax: 320-852-7067, email
Pedestrian Bridge, Bridge Designs, Concrete Bridges and Bridge Builders

COVERS in Play, Richmond Hill, ON, Tel: 905-882-7049, Fax: 905-882-7049, email
COVERS in Play designs and manufactures retractable enclosures.

Creative Conservatories, Quakertown, PA, Tel: 215-538-2269, Fax: 215-538-2269, email
Wooden conservatories, garden rooms, porch enclosures, sunrooms, greenhouses, patio rooms, skylights, pool enclosures, etc.

Cubic Designs Inc., New Berlin, WI, Tel: 262-789-1966 , Fax: 262-789-1970, email
Cubic Designs Inc. manufactures safe, strong, proven prefabricated mezzanine systems designed to help you maximize facility footprint and increase productivity.

E.L. Burns Co., Shreveport, LA, Tel: 318-636-2722, Fax: 318-636-5052, email
Site and Street Shelters, Walkway Covers, Prefabricated Building Modules, Fabric Structures and Modular Mezzanines.

Efficient Building Systems LLC, Sarasota, FL, Tel: 941-727-5001 , Fax: 941-727-5336, email
Our patented panelized concrete forms are custom made in a manufacturing plant and include walls, columns, beams, arches, elevated floors and roofs.

Elite Aluminum, Coconut Creek, FL, Tel: 954-949-3200, Fax: 954-949-3201, email
Glazed Structures, Prefabricated Building Modules and Prefabricated Building Modules.

Enertia Building Systems, Inc., Youngsville, NC, Tel: 919-556-0177, Fax: 919-556-0177, email
Enertia Homes use an ingenious design, and the science of materials, to heat and cool buildings without fuel or electricity. Fitted with Photovoltaic panels, and a metal seamed roof.

Ferrari Textiles, Pompano Beach, FL, Tel: 954-942-3600, Fax: 954-942-5555, email
The French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari is a leader in the flexible composite material sector.

Heliport Systems, Inc., Morristown, NJ, Tel: 973-540-0011, Fax: 973-540-0131, email
Heliport Systems, Inc. plans, designs, and constructs heliports for hospitals, businesses, and the marine industry worldwide.

Industrial Noise Control, N. Aurora, IL, Tel: 800-954-1998, Fax: 800-420-4928, email
Provides the most durable and high quality noise control materials, building blocks of successful noise control projects. We offer a complete selection of flexible noise control materials.

Janco GreenHouses, Elkton, MD, Tel: 410-392-7875, Fax: 410-392-7876, email
Skylights - Units, Sloped Glazing Assemblies, Glazed Structures and Prefabricated Building Modules

Little Buildings Inc., Romeo, MI, Tel: 586-752-7100, Fax: 586-752-7108, email
Custom manufacture prefabricated metal building to use as a Guard House, Security Booth, Ticket Booth, Cashier Booth, Toll Booth, Guard Booth, Smoking Shelters.

Metals USA Building Products, Mesquite, TX, Tel: 972-285-8811, Fax: 972-882-8818, email
Sunrooms, patio enclosures, patio covers, car ports, screenrooms, pool enclosures, window awnings and beautiful shade products – lattice and pergola.

Modular Connections LLC , Bessemer, AL, Tel: 205-980-4565, Fax: 877-675-5851, email
Utility Applications, Communication Buildings, Parks and Recreation, Precast Concrete Fencing, Security Structures and Tornado & Hurricane Shelters.

Munns Manufacturing Inc., Tremonton, UT, Tel: 435-257-5673 , Fax: 435-257-3842, email
Steeples and cupolas, domes, towers, pinnacles and spires.

Murdock-Super Secur, City of Industry, CA, Tel: 626-333-2543 , Fax: 626-855-4860, email
Murdock manufactures post, yard, box and wall hydrants which include street washers, sampling stations and flushing hydrants for year round usage. These heavy-duty hydrants, made of only the highest quality materials, adapt to most any environment.

Nexus Corp., Northglenn, CO, Tel: 303-457-9199, Fax: 303-457-2801, email
We listen to our customers and design new products that meet the needs of commercial growers, institutional projects and retail garden centers.

Oak Creek Homes, LP, Fort Worth, TX, Tel: 817-478-5551, Fax: 817-561-0168, email
We have built over 40,000 homes; quality designs for first-time homebuyers to spacious floorplans filled with long lists of options and comforts.

Par-Kut International Inc., Harrison Township, MI, Tel: 586-468-2947, Fax: 586-463-6059, email
Galvanized steel construction, UL Labeled electrical systems, tempered glass windows, and a factory installed main breaker in the electrical panel.

Parish Conservatories, Fairfield, CT, Tel: 800-761-9183, Fax: 203-445-4100, email
We combine quality American craftsmanship with traditional English design to create stunning hardwood Conservatories and Orangeries that suit your exact requirements.

Porta-King Building Systems, Earth City, MO, Tel: 314-291-4200, Fax: 314-291-2857, email
Our modular buildings, mezzanines, portable buildings, toll booths and smoking shelters have been used for thousands of unique construction applications.

PortaFab Corporation, Chesterfield, MO, Tel: 636-537-5555, Fax: 636-537-2955, email
XTRA Tall Wall Systems allow the plant space to be divided from floor to ceiling, or the creation of a freestanding in-plant building.

Rainier Industries, Ltd., Tukwila, WA, Tel: 425-251-1800, Fax: 425-251-5065, email
Rainier is an international manufacturer of innovative fabric and display products, based in Seattle, Washington. With over a century's experience selling fabric products for business and consumer use.

Ramtech Modular Building Systems, Mansfield, TX, Tel: 817-473-9376 , Fax: 817-473-3485, email
Modular buildings have always been our core competency, whether it's a large complex or a single building. We start each project with a comprehensive needs analysis using our experienced team of designers, engineers, manufacturing and construction specialists.

Ronstan International Inc., Portsmouth, RI, Tel: 401-293 0539, Fax: 401-293-0538, email
Stainless Steel Hardware, Tensile Architecture and Sailboat Hardware.

Shenango Steel Buildings, Inc., West Middlesex, PA, Tel: 724-528-9925 , Fax: 724-528-2452, email
Manufactures preengineered buildings building products

Structures Unlimited Inc., Manchester, NH, Tel: 603-645-6539, Fax: 603-625-0798, email
Structures Unlimited, Inc. has been creating the most energy efficient, diffuse-light-transmitting skylights, enclosures and buildings with clear spans over 100 feet.

SuperStructure Systems Inc., Toronto, ON, Tel: 416-251-6712, Fax: 416-251-5679, email
SuperStructure's unique chord & hub system can create structural systems and custom shapes to meet almost any design requirement.

Taconic-Architectural Fabrics, Petersburgh, NY, Tel: 518-658-3202, Fax: 518-658-3988, email
Taconic has been on the leading edge of developing and marketing advanced engineered composite materials.

Texas Aluminum Industries, Inc., Houston, TX, Tel: 713-946-9000, Fax: 713-946-9040, email
We manufacture and sell sunrooms, patio enclosures, patio covers, car ports, screenrooms, pool enclosures, window awnings and beautiful shade products – lattice and pergola.

Tyson Corporation, Indianapolis, IN, Tel: 317-241-8396, Fax: 317-241-6892, email
OnSite Space by Tyson installs custom modular buildings, mobile job site trailers, portable, prefrabicated and mobile sales offices, relocatable portable education facilities, portable classrooms etc.



























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