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Prefab Post Tensioned Concrete

Anchor Wall Systems, Inc., Minnetonka, MN, Tel: 952-933-8855 , Fax: 952-933-8833, email
Anchor Wall Systems for Erosion and Sedimentation Control, Retaining Walls and Precast Concrete Specialties.

Architectural Precast, Inc., Cincinnati, OH, Tel: (800) 542-1738, Fax: 513-772-4672, email
Architectural Precast is a Cincinnati, Ohio, company specializing in precast concrete site furnishings for architects and end users.

Artflor, Inc., El Cajon, CA, Tel: 800-773-9363 , Fax: 619-937-0549, email
Concrete Countertops Products

Ashford Formula, Springville, UT, Tel: 801-489-5663 , Fax: 801-489-3307, email
Ashford Formula's advanced molecular technology is based on a proprietary catalytic densifying reaction unlike common silicate or silcate/silconate technology.

Baxter Precast, Hamilton, OH, Tel: 513-860-3593 , Fax: 513-860-3893, email
Our experience in architectural precast ranges from any type or size components to the most complex and intricate form works for all architectural requirements.

Bethlehem Precast Inc, Bethlehem, PA, Tel: 610-691-1336 , Fax: 610-974-8060, email
Our commitment to our customers has made us the number one installer of Bilco® basement egress systems in North America. Offering a variety of products and services, Bethlehem Precast specializes in custom projects.

Cast Stone Commercial Services, Dallas, TX, Tel: (214) 398-0999, Fax: (214) 398-1293, email
Manufactures cast stone and cut stone of the highest quality. We specialize in crafting beautiful cast stone columns, cast stone veneers, balustrades and window and door surrounds.

Cathay Pigments (USA), Inc., Valparaiso, IN, Tel: 219-531-5359 , Fax: 219-531-459, email
We produce and market the Ferrotint range of pigment products. These pigments have a wide range of applications, and can be used to produce a virtually limitless palette of rich, durable colors.

Coulee Concrete Designs, LLC, Lake Oswego, OR, Tel: 503-895-2621 , Fax: 503-343-9541, email
Our countertops, vanities and fireplace surrounds grace living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies and outdoor rooms across the Northwest.

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC, Houston, TX, Tel: 713-589-5043 , Fax: 713-589-9025, email
Cresco Concrete Products, LLC is dedicated to providing customers with a wide range of solutions based upon our innovative concrete technology.

Davis Colors, Los Angeles, CA, Tel: 323-269-7311 , Fax: 323-269-1053, email
decorative concrete colors, concrete pigments, mortar colors, concrete sealers and color automation equipment for the concrete industry.

Diamond Concrete Products, Arlington, WA, Tel: 360-435-6151 , Fax: 360-435-6036, email
Diamond Precast Stairs has become the leader in manufacturing precast concrete stair treads.

Dura Art Stone, Fontana, CA, Tel: 909-350-9000 , Fax: 909-350-9632, email
Manufacturers of beautiful, enduring concrete site amenities and elements with one of the largest varieties of styles and designs in the United States of America.

Dura-Stress, Inc., Leesburg, FL, Tel: 352-787-1422 , Fax: 352-787-0080, email
Dura-Stress, Inc. manufactures precast building products. Architectural Precast, Bridges and Pilings, Correctional Institutions, Hollow Core, Utility Poles and Parcking Structures.

Galleria Pierra, Dallas, TX, Tel: 214-398-1199 , Fax: 214-398-1293, email
Products including columns, pedestals, statuary, planters, urns, tables, benches bathtubs, fireplaces, ornaments, fountains, pavers, and more!

Great Eastern Technologies, Yardville, NJ, Tel: 888-452-9348 , Fax: 609-581-0735 , email
High-quality admixtures for ready-mix concrete, precast, block, pavers and mortar. GET admixtures meet applicable ASTM tests and carry appropriate state DOT certifications.

GSE Lining Technology, LLC, Houston, TX, Tel: 281 443 8564, Fax: 281 230 8650, email
GSE lining products are known throughout the world as a mark of quality and reliability. Our customers depend on us to deliver geosynthetic lining products.

High Concrete Group LLC, Denver, PA, Tel: (717-336-9300 , Fax: 717-336-9301, email
High Quality. Innovation. First-rate Service. Design Support. These are the standards that make High Concrete Group the industry leader and the nation's leading producer of precast concrete parking structures.

LANXESS Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, Tel: 800-LANXESS , Fax: 800-LANXESS , email
Outstanding product quality, long-established technical expertise and environmentally friendly production processes – these are the defining features of Bayferrox®, Colortherm® and Bayoxide® pigments made by LANXESS

Mason’s Supply Co, Portland, OR, Tel: (503) 234-4321, Fax: 503-234-5606, email
We offer the largest inventory of masonry, concrete and forming accessories in the Northwest. Concrete forming & accessories, Forming and shoring systems, Construction liquid and powder, Concrete & masonry tools for the trade, Castintact 3

Miano Design Company, Palm Springs, FL, Tel: 561-342-1664 , Fax: 561-342-1664 , email
Miano Design Company is a designer and fabricator specializing in custom concrete products including countertops, sinks, furniture, and fireplace surrounds

Nicolia Industries, Lindenhurst, NY, Tel: 631-888-2200 , Fax: 631-669-8052, email
Hastings Architectural & Ornamental Concrete Products is a manufacturer of quality precast concrete products

Oberfields LLC, Delaware, OH, Tel: 800-845-7644 , Fax: 740-369-7644 , email
Manufacture quality products including residential block, architectural block, concrete pavers, retaining walls, and precast items.

Reinforced Earth Co. (The), Vienna, VA, Tel: 703-821-1175 , Fax: 703-821-1815, email
The Reinforced Earth Company (RECo) has completed more than 40,000 Reinforced Earth® structures across the USA.

Sky Cast Inc., Guelph, ON, Tel: 519-763-3210 , Fax: 519-763-6655, email
Spun Concrete poles for roadway, utility transmission, sportslighting, and specialty applications, Decorative spun concrete poles for residential and commercial applications.

Stone Legends, Dallas, TX, Tel: 800-398-1199, Fax: 214-398-1293, email
Cast stone is more durable than natural limestone due to the process by which it is produced.

Strongwell, Bristol, VA, Tel: 276-645-8000 , Fax: 276-645-8132, email
Strongwell has been pultruding fiber reinforced polymer composite structural products since 1956.

Superior Concrete Products, Euless, TX, Tel: 817-277-9255 , Fax: 817-261-0194, email

Sylvan Industries, LLC, Portland, OR, Tel: 503-639-9000, Fax: 503-639-6969, email
Your single best source for high-performance construction products and customized architectural results.

Universal Building Products, Inc., Bellwood, IL, Tel: 708-544-4255 , Fax: 708-544-5965, email
single-source of proven concrete solutions for forming and forming accessories, precast, liquid chemicals, tilt-up, bridge deck, epoxy products, rebar splicing, bar supports, powder products and paving.

Wausau Tile Co., Wausau, WI, Tel: 715-359-3121 , Fax: 715-355-4627, email
Products: Plastic site furnishings, Precast concrete , Metal site furnishings, Concrete planters, Concrete benches, Concrete bollards, Concrete and architectural pavers, Recreation equipment, Terrazzo floor tiles and Outdoor site furnishings.



























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